Qgis Plugins


MMQGIS is a set of Python plugins for manipulating vector map layers in Quantum GIS: CSV input/output/join, geocoding, geometry conversion, buffering, hub analysis, simplification, column modification, and simple animation. MMQGIS provides an alternative to the Processing toolbox, with verbose progress reporting, an intuitive user interface, direct shapefile/CSV-file access, and some additional capabilities missing from other plugin sets.


HCMGIS – Basemaps, Download OpenData, Batch Converter, VN-2000 Projections, Geometry Processing and Field Calculation Utilities

  • Basemaps: Add global basemaps from Google, Carto, ESRI, OSM Stamen, etc;- Batch Converter: Batch convert CSV to Point Shapefiles and other GIS formats (including OSM pbf, GeoPackage) in a folder and its subfolders;- Download OpenData: Download Open Data from OSM Geofabrik, GADM, Microsoft Building Footprints, HCMGIS OpenData, Open Development Mekong, World Food Programme, Standford University, etc;- Vn-2000 Projections: Lookup EPSG Code for Vn-2000/ TM3 Projection for all Provinces in Vietnam;- Spatial Processing: Create Skeleton/Medial Axis/ Centerline for road/ river networks and similar linear structures, create Centerline in Polygons’ gaps (E.g building blocks), finding closest/ farthest pair of Points, Largest Empty Circle of a Point set; – Attribute Calculation: merge/ split data fields, Vietnamese Font Converter: Unicode <-> TCVN3 <-> Vni-Windows, UPPER CASE, lower case.;


Easy to add basemaps and geoservices

Easy to use list of services and search for finding datasets and basemaps.